Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

The finished and the nearly finished.  That is what we spent our knit group  time looking at this afternoon.    Let me tell you - the finished were no mean feats.  Lots of knitting in most of them.

Sandy, a very productive knitter,  wore her finished Colour Affection to knit group today while she  showed off   her second finished  shawl.  Two shawls in a very short time. Two big shawls. Two shawls with many, many stitches, knit on very fine yarn.  She has told me the name of this her latest shawl, but I confess, I don't remember.  Lovely colours, Sandy.  

Carol is almost finished her piece.  A shawl with the option to seam up the sides to create sleeves.  Done totally in the Old Shale, otherwise known as Feather and Fan pattern.  Another BIG piece. Another piece knit with fine yarn and many, many stitches.  

Non-stop knitter that she is, Carol has already started her next project.  Another shawl. This time in gorgeous shades of pink.

Jean has a lovely summer 'tee' on the go.  With just enough  lace on the sleeves and up the sides to make it an interesting knit.

Can't wait to see it finished, Jean.

Sharon finished the little sweater that taught her Intarsia.

Sandy, kind lady that she is, brought her  knitting charts for more Intarsia animals. 

  More Intarsia.  Sharon says not anytime soon.

Instead, she is working on a baby blanket  knit in basketweave.  All. One. Colour!

Doreen  didn't have a FO today.

She is working on a sweater  - except she isn't putting sleeves on her version. That makes it a vest, Doreen.  She would be almost finished - if she could find the back. She knit it, put it away, moved last week, and cannot find the piece.  Let's hope it turns up, Doreen.

Hello to Sharon in Newfoundland.  Hope you are finding some great Newfie yarn and knits. 

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