Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Travel bugs.  That's what our knitters are.  Doreen is in Trinidad, Deanna in Ireland  and Sharon R in Paris.  Sharon, though, has been keeping in touch.  We know that she loves the food and  purchased yarn and buttons at a Paris yarn store. What stories that yarn could tell.  She also sent us a photo of her Paris home.

And if you look closely, you can see a picture of Sharon, taking the picture.  She is reflected in the glass doors.

Those of us not travelling, knit.  Gail has another section of her cabled sweater finished.  Every row is different, she says, requiring her to keep detailed notes.
She is aiming for a fall finish.  Both because she can see wearing it in the fall and because she doesn't want to take advantage of Colleen's  - over at Riverside Yarns - generous return policy on unused yarn.

Wilma has finished the back of her little summer tee and is working on the front.

 I love the design.  Wilma's pattern came from an issue of Vogue magazine I think.  But the colour work is something that could be added to any tee pattern.

A busy knitter our Wilma has been.  She also showed us a finished baby cardi.

Smaller than she intended because she mis-read the pattern.  She thought the second size was for 3-6mos.  Instead, the   second size was for  0- 3mos, the first being  for a preemie.  "Give a teddy bear with the sweater," Sharon advised, saying "if the sweater doesn't  fit the baby, the teddy can wear it." Great idea.

Sharon was knitting with some of her own hand spun.

A thick and warm hat is what she is making.

Jean too was knitting with her hand spun.

The yarn, containing mohair will be knit into socks. Socks knit on two circs to be exact.

Carol  has started a wrappy, shawly thing knit in the feather and fan pattern.

The yarn is a very feminine boucle in shades of blues and pinky lilacs.

Sandy B, who treated herself, this spring, to a VW convertible,   rushed home,  top down,  from the cottage to get to knitting (hence the dishevelled hair, she says).  She  has another Colour Affection on the go. Speeding Grandmas in top-down convertibles are more likely to get tickets, Sandy.  Sorry to say.

And to all our travelling knitters - safe travels home.  Remember, you can knit on planes now. 

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