Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Off Again

Canada's first long weekend of the summer starts Friday.  Almost as one, the  nation heads for cottages and campgrounds spending time     huddling in frozen massess  beside campfires or in tents in what we teasingly call, the great outdoors.   This year, we are no exception.  Today we leave for our trailer near  Hearst.  No fun and frivolity for us though as we are headed up north for a funeral.  Our daughter-in- law's Mother passed away in January.  What with unpredictable   winter weather,  iffy winter driving, and many of the family being at their winter homes in Mexico and/or Florida it was decided to have the celebration of life on the May 2-4.

Coming so soon after my road trip to Baltimore I started thinking about how many hours of my life I have spent in a car driving somewhere.  More than I'd like to count.  Except for the fact that it always gives me lots of knitting time.

And what's in my knitting bag this time?

Well, at the bottom is the yarn for the third attempt at the failed Maryland experiment.  Before I get to that , though, I hope to start and finish a short poncho cover up.  I have a back shirt/skirt summer ensemble which has  a touch or rust at the skirt hem.  Black is so not my colour, but rust looks good on me.  Clever fashionista that I am, I hope to knit something in rust to wear close to my face.  As they say in decor land, to echo the touch of rust at the hem.  I spent much time this week, sketching out the best shape for a little cover up and have decided that it needs a point. Not a circular swing, not a squared-off  bottom but a point.  Poncho style.

I'll use the Yarn Harlot's Poncho pattern as my guide.

But mine will be shorter, falling just above the waist.  And mine will not have fringe.  Instead I hope to be able to work out the stitch numbers in order to use the lace bottom edging from Fern Kerchief.

AND I hope to have it completed by the time we return Tuesday night.   We'll see how that goes.  You all know how that will go.

In the mean time, have a great weekend.  Enjoy the first long weekend of  the  summer.  Hah.  Post winter at least. 

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