Monday, December 22, 2014

The Chastain Park Shawl

In late August, some of my Ladies with Balls and  I spent an evening at  Orillia's newest yarn store, Purl 3.  The store was hosting a trunk show  with Deb Gemmell.  The show was fun, Deb's speech enlightening, but it was really the shopping that satisfied. 

On display, in the store, was the Chastain Park Shawl.  Knit in - well that is the question.  I have done what I caution knitters never to do - thrown out the ball band.   I think it was Universal Yarns, Classic Shades.

The pattern said to cast on 3 stitches then work a stockinet section, increasing at the centre and side edges only on right side rows, until 77 stitches had been achieved.  Follow that with  12 rows of lace.  At 77 stitches, my shawl would have fit Tiny Tim.  Ravelry showed that  several others seemed to  have incurred the same dilemma. There were many shawls with variations of when and where to do the lace section Encouraged to know there were no knitting police,  I improvised.  After my 77 stitches, I knit a small section of  lace, some more stockinet, a little more  lace, more stockinet and finally a bigger expanse of lace to finish off.

This is a simple triangular shawl.  Not my favourite because there is no curve at the neck. Pure triangular shawls require folding over at the neck line in order to be worn comfortably. 

Especially small shawls like Chastain Park.

If I were to do it a second time, I would increase at the side edges on every row, while maintaining the right side only increases at the centre line.  That would give longer and somewhat curved arms.  Those longer arms help the shawl to stay put on the shoulders, without the folded over neck line. Like my Talbot Trail Shawl.

 But I do love the colours.  It was a very quick knit and I  think it will make a perfect accessory to the little black top I intend to wear on Christmas Day.

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