Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Montreal - A Non-Knitting Experience

Montreal is many wonderful things - cafes,  restaurants,  the climb up Mt Royale,  the Habs, Musees , shopping on Rue Ste Catharine, brunch in a little place where everything on the menu either has chocolate  in it or accompanying it.  But Montreal is not a town with time for knitting. 

I did knit on the train going to Montreal, so sleeve number two of The Blue Hippie is a bit further along than before I left. 

Coming home, we were clever enough to drop our bags off at the train station a few hours before departure.  They were sent on ahead  - on an earlier train.  Thinking only of the ease of getting around town without bags, I sent both my bags.  Luggage and knitting bag.  That meant no knitting on the ride home.

I did stop at Fabricland in Orillia on the way home though to pick up the buttons for Blue Hippie.  Remembering that my niece had favoured pictures of sweaters with buttons that contrasted rather than blended in, I chose brown buttons for the blue trim.  Still attached to their card, I have buttoned a few here to get a feel for the look. I like it.

Luckily for me, the yarn store in Orillia is next door to Fabricland.  I made a last minute decision to run into the yarn store to buy another ball of the brown yarn.  My plans now are to knit a matching sweater for baby Jack  -  before our family get together on December 13.  Crazy I know.  But we all need something to look forward to.

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Needles said...

Like. Like. Like! that is a great idea!