Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembrance Day

Here, I give you the rich mosaic of a Remembrance Day in Canada.

I snapped a 'selfie' - all dressed in my Legion uniform ready to head to the meeting spot for the march to the cenotaph and Remembrance Day services. 

Fred has already left, also dressed in full uniform.  He is in charge of organizing the wreaths.  He picks them up a few days before Remembrance Day, tidies them up, straightens ribbons and  replaces any that are too decrepit to be respectful.   On Remembrance Day,  he leaves home early enough to place the wreaths at the entrance to the cenotaph,  in the order in which they are to be laid.  Once that chore is done, he will join me in ranks, and we will march together with our fellow Legionnaires,  to the cenotaph.

Then I snapped a photo of my neighbour raking her leaves. 
It would appear she isn't going to the cenotaph to pay her respects.

Does this bother me?  Do I think we should all be at the cenotaph?  Not at all.  I think my neighbour is living her life as she sees fit.  Isn't that what was  fought for?  The freedom to live life free from censor?  We should never forget.

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Linda said...

Lovely message, thank you, for what you and your husband do, and for what you allow others to do, instead of trying to be dictatorial.