Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Queen for a day is our Wilma. At least when I arrived home from knit group and reviewed the pictures I had taken, it seemed as if they were all Wilma, all the time.  Apologies to the other knitters. It wasn't intentional.  So what was Wilma up to?

Well, completed but not yet blocked, is her shawl,  knit from a kit she purchased at the KW Knitters Fair.

These shawls are gorgeous.  An interesting shape,  ombre colour shades and various knit stitches really add to the visual beauty.

Sharon is,  by comparison, close to finishing hers.

Wilma warned her about   yarn conservation. This is how much Wilma had left after the last stitch was cast off.

Definitely close, Wilma.

All Wilma, all the time, I tell you,  today.  Look at the hats she knit this week for the Christmas box campaign she supports.

Sharon R was in a ripping mood today. Here, Ingrid helpd her rip back her cowl.

  Too thick a piece with 5 strands of Knitting Worsted. Try DK, Sharon.

Sandy B has a lovely shawl started.  She hunts for her pattern because

she thinks her hand written copy  is amusing.
Copied down on the only thing at hand.  I don't know, Sandy.   Wouldn't every knitter do that?
Sorry about the Wilma overload today.  I'll try to even things out next time.  Until then, to all my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving.  Eats lots of turkey, enjoy your families and keep on knitting.


Sigrun said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. On Saturday I'm making the cabbage rolls. There will be a blogpost about that after the holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

GinaC - Happy Thanksgiving to you also, Brenda!

I love your Waterloo County Fair Isle...also adapted from that North Country book, I believe. It would definitely turn knitters' heads too!