Thursday, October 16, 2014

Arrival In Rhinebeck

 No customers yet, the festival isn't open til Saturday.  But no rest for the vendors.  The secret to making a vendor's life easy  in terms of set up, is to arrive early.  If there aren't many booths already in place, one can drive their vehicle right into the show room.  Miss that window of opportunity and it means a lot of carrying from the parking lot.

Lyn and I pulled into our space by 3 pm today. The trailer is unloaded,

and all our stuff is in our space.

Not prettily placed yet, but time  for that first thing tomorrow morning.

Once our day's work was done, we took a walk around.  I was amazed to see where all the vedors came from.

Ending the day with a great meal in a wonderful French restaurant 

was the perfect way to bribe the staff  me for all the hard slugging tomorrow will entail.

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Anonymous said...

Am jealous :) and eager to hear/see more of your Rhinebeck reports, Brenda!! Also...pretty and practical mittlets! Have fun,