Friday, October 17, 2014

A Tour Of The Festival

Day 2 at Rhinebeck is set up day.  While we unloaded the trailer yesterday, claiming our spot, today we got down to the business of setting up the booth.

 The goal in booth set up is sales. Make it look  attractive to customers. Make the customers want to stop and look at the goods.  Make the customer buy your stuff.

We think we got it.

With our work done for the day, we took a stroll around the grounds.    The New York Sheep and Wool Festival  - known to knitters as 'Rhinebeck' -  takes place at the local fairgrounds.  Like no fairgrounds I've ever seen.  50 acres of parking and landscaping - who ever heard of landscaping at the fairgrounds?

I leave you with some pictures of the fairgrounds.  Look where knitting has taken me.

Happy knitting everyone.


ES said...

looks like it will be a big festival!

Christy J said...

Lucky you! I've always wanted to go to Rhinebeck, but it's so far from here. Enjoy every moment with all those knitters and spinners, bloggers and knitting celebrities.

freshisle said...

Love the behind the scenes posts. Excellent.