Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Road Trip

The Ladies With Balls and I took a road trip today. There was fog and wet drizzle as we left Collingwood but the weather did nothing to dampen our spirits as we set off for Camilla Valley Farms, our first stop this morning.
North of Orangeville - which we now know is only an hour south of Collingwood - this store  did not disappoint.

Set in a barn-like building, across the yard from the red brick, farm house, at the end of a tree lined  drive, it was the perfect setting for a autumn outing.  And there was yarn!  Such quantities, so neatly displayed.  That is a wall of Cascade 220 on the left.  Some of the Ladies came for cotton, some came for wool.  They had their patterns and their plans.  But there was a bit of a derailment when they saw the  Fleece Artist!  Some credit cards were harmed on this outing.

Yarn acquired, we were off to lunch in Orangeville.  What a picture-perfect little town.  Pias On Broadway was our choice for lunch and the servers managed to  handle our crowd of ten boisterous knitters quite nicely I'd say.

There was fog, rain and lots of road construction.  BUT , there was yarn and food,  laughter and fun.  A great road trip.

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