Monday, October 21, 2013

Woodstock Fleece Festival

Happily for me, I had  a great diversion happening on the weekend.  Last spring, Lyn Gemmel from Cabin Fever contacted me to ask if I would manage her booth at the Woodstock Fleece Festival this year.  She had a conflict - Rhinebeck.

Sure, I would.  Lyn said I would need a partner and she would try to get me one.  I immediately thought of  a friend that I used to work with at London Yarns.  Sharon  was just as keen as I to do the festival.

Woodstock  is more a fibre festival than simply a knitting festival.  There were spinning wheels galore,  a spinning wheel doctor  and hand made wheels for sale.  There were  rug hooking booths - no, not the kind sold in kits, but bolts of wool fabric waiting to be cut into strips to be hooked into rugs or wall hangings.  There were fleeces galore, shearing demonstrations and an Angora Rabbit show.  What does a rabbit do in a show?  I envisioned them jumping through hoops.

Friday afternoon saw us at the hall, ready for set up. 



What a job!  Although I have helped at the Cabin Fever booth at various shows in the past, I have never been in charge.  There is a big difference!  Lyn, I hope we didn't embarrass you and your good name too much with our   display efforts.

Early in the day, this Mother Daughter duo stopped by, both wearing Cabin Fever patterns.  A picture waiting to be taken.  
Mom is wearing  the Side Panel Vest and standing in front of our blue sample of that same pattern.  The daughter is wearing Sarah, from Button up Your Top Down.  I positioned her in front of our poster of  a blue Sarah.  You look lovely in your Cabin Fever sweaters, ladies.

It as a great day.  Lots of hard work, but fun.  Although, next year, Sharon and I thought Lyn could do Woodstock and we could go to Rhinebeck. Wonder what Lyn will say.


Needles said...

I'm glad you had something positive to do this weekend.

Jan said...

Oh how fun! I was booked to go to Woodstock but with not being able to knit for months now I cancelled. :(

Deb @ cabinfever said...

Great job Brenda. The display looks fantastic. I need some pointers from you.