Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

On this warm, wet Hallowe’en, knitters at the Meaford library were in scarce supply.  A variety of issues kept them away.  Cataract surgery, out-of-town boyfriends come to call, seasonal knitters headed back to the big smoke, husbands with pre-op appointments. 

But those of us who came, had fun with the little people.  The Elves.

Look at the crowd of these little, hand-spun, hand knitted, $3  items  the spinners had to display today.  They are for the upcoming ( Nov 23 & 24 in case you are in downtown Owen Sound that weekend)  annual Pottawatomi Spinners and Weavers Guild  sale.  Three of our  Thursday knitters are now also  members of that Guild;  Nicki,  Jean and Sharon.  Jean is a long time spinner, but Sharon just recently purchased her wheel and Nicki has been drop spindling for only a couple of years. 

All things in the show must be either hand spun or hand woven.  These little elves will fit right in. If love and laughter was the measure of their value instead of the Made In China competition,  there wouldn't be enough money.  Then, of course, that isn't the purpose of a sale, is it?

I love ‘em but they are way to fiddly  a knit to interest me.  My interest is solely in the viewing. I imagine if I am just minutes late getting to the sale, there won't be any left.

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freshisle said...

Those are adorable. $3 is way tooooo cheap!