Friday, October 25, 2013

Something New

Wondering which project to take to knit group, yesterday, I felt a need for a new start.   There were any number of WIPs that I could have taken -  my socks, my Modified Moth, my Autumn Fair, my half finished slippers or half finished hat/scarf combo.  But,  I felt the need to start something new.

I took this.
4 balls of Noro purchased at Riverside Yarns while on the Wool & Wine Tour and the pattern for a pillow.

Not normally a hand knit pillow person - too much 'Your Grandmother's Decorating' for my taste - nonetheless, this one caught my eye.  Colleen at Riverside has a bench right inside the door to the shop and on the bench was a joyful, colourful pillow.  Immediately I decided to switch over to the dark side  hand-knit pillow side of decorating style. 

The colours in Colleen's pillow were gorgeous and what yarn comes to mind when talking gorgeous colours?  Noro of course.  Luckily for me, Colleen had some Noro on sale in her discount bin in just the right colours for my living room.  Colleen suggested it would take four balls.  Four balls of discounted Noro still makes for a high-end pillow.

The pattern was free with yarn purchase.  Once I had the pattern in my hands, I noticed what yarn was actually used.
 The beautifully nuanced, beautifully coloured, Bernat Mosaic.  Modestly priced, acrylic Mosaic.    Obviously my yarn snobbery worked against me this time. 

Looks nice, though.


Jan said...

You deserve a Noro pillow! It's going to be gorgeous.

Yarn and Ivories said...

uh-oh... I feel a tug in that direction...

Sandra said...

Mosaic may be modestly priced, but Noro is the way to go - wool all the way! It will wear better, look better and feel better. And it already looks stunning!

Christy J said...

Never regret Noro, especially on any kind of sale!
That said, I do like the colors in Mosaic and use it for items that will need washing more frequently and for less expensive gifting. But definitely, treat yourself!