Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Great Day Number Two

Residing, as we do  in the heart of the great lakes and in particular at the intersection of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, the ferry, the M.S. Chi Chimaun that travels between Tobermory at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula and South Bay Mouth on Manitoulin Island, features large in our lives.   

Her winter harbour is Owen Sound – a couple of blocks from Riverside Yarns, just so you know.  Each spring and fall, the Chi Chimaun makes a re-positioning cruise.  In the spring from Owen Sound to Tobermory and the reverse in the fall.   A five hour cruise, with live music, entertainment and a great roast beef dinner.

Tickets are at a premium,  so ours were purchased weeks ago.   If I had known then how hectic my life was going to be these last couple of weeks, I probably would have passed.  But things have a  way of working out. The tickets were in my drawer -  and so  - we went.  What a glorious day!  Although it rained for most of the afternoon, the morning was bright and sunny.  We spent that time on deck, watching Georgian Bay’s special scenery. 


 Flower Pot Island.

Once the rain started we  spent time in the  lounge, listening to the  great music of Late Nite Radio 
(That is the Captain strumming the banjo.  Who was steering the ship?)

and enjoying the auction. (A sea of grey hair)
Of the 15 items auctioned off, the most expensive was ‘a pie a month’ for the next twelve months.  Top bid was $1,100.00.   Someone must really like pie.

The people of Owen Sound are proud to have the ferry in their downtown harbour for the winter.  Despite yesterday’s wet weather, there was still quite a welcoming committee.
Another, great, diversionary day.  Routine is slowly returning.  Next up –rescue my knitting bag  from behind the bedroom door. 


Linda said...

What stunning scenery. I'm glad the tickets were there to use; sometimes things work out to bring us Outside.

freshisle said...

I never knew about the cruise. Very neat!