Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trailer Friends

 We live in two different worlds, Fred and I.  At home, there is one set of friends, but here at the trailer, we hang out with different folks.

Here is my early-morning walking partner – our next door trailer mate – and her hubby off for some ‘four-wheeling’ fun.

Four wheeling is a  much loved way to spend leisure time  here in the north. Fred and I are the odd couple out.  We do not own a four wheeler (except for our van, which I point out to the Grand kids,  has four wheels) and are not even the least interested in trying out this ‘sport’.  Makes us party poopers  in this neck of the Canadian woods.

Ducks abound here on the lake and this tribe has been eating the fall out from  the neighbours bird feeder.  Cute -  as long as they remember the bathroom facility is not on our lawn.

And lastly, I show you Canada’s most beautiful and best dressed, newly-licensed boat driver. 

 After 3 days of studying the book and  answering Grandpa’s quiz questions, a 3 hour, online exam, and a  4 week wait, Miss Abi  is officially licensed to drive a boat.   

Soon, though we leave this set of friends behind and head for home. 


Yarn and Ivories said...

Yikes! Where did it go...summer? Congratulations to Abi and thanks for sharing your friends. We, too, don't do the RV-4 wheeler thing.
I'm getting ready to start up blogging again...this I say, procrastinating by reading everyone else's!
No trip to WNY or Kitchener this year.

pattie in Geneseo said...

Julia won't be with us😔but I hope to get to your wonderful Fair in September. Some friends and I are working on a plan…hope to see you!

LynS said...

Thanks for your 'trailer' comments. They evoke such an exotic way of living, with different residences for summer and winter. Here in Sydney it's still winter, but the predicted temperature for today is 25 (77 fahrenheit) - admittedly this is a bit unseasonable. I guess there's just no need to go elsewhere to mark and enjoy the seasonal changes.