Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Nothing says back to routine like a Thursday afternoon at knit group.  For all my recent mentioning of 'routine' I probably give the  impression that I live a mundane, same-old,  same-old life.  And by some standards, I most surely do.    But I like my little schedule and look forward to the special activity that each day brings.  Especially Thursdays and knit group. And doubly especially my first day back from summer vacation.

Sandy B had sent me an email earlier this summer, to tell  me about her broken arm.  But I was shocked to see the extensive cast she must wear for 6 weeks.  That cast is on the arm and around the body.

Not to mention the scar from the surgery.
Yikes, Sandy.  Sandy describes it as an 'old lady's fall' - heading to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Although she did say there was red wine involved.  That makes it all right then.  A young woman's fall.

Isn't this a cute child's sweater?
Great buttons too.  Someone in Gail's family is going to be 'happy happy happy'.

Ingrid has a scarf with novelty yarn on her needles.  One of those yarns that make knitting awkward.  At one point she declared " I hate my knitting."

But showing it to us seemed to lighten her mood.

Wilma finished up a tunic 'dress' for  grand daughter #1 today. Knit in Sirdar Crofter,  a lovely lightweight and washable yarn.  So cute.

But there are two grand daughters  so Wilma intends  to knit a second dress.  In a different colour. That's the reason for all the swatches.  What colour should the next one be?  Jean helps with the though process.

A great afternoon.  Back to routine.  I love it.

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