Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Easy Knitting

Following yesterday's detailed post of sweater, shoulder-seam and sleeve construction,  today's post gives us all a mental break.
Easy knitting, cute little sweater, my 'Wicked' baby sweater is nearing completion.

Bright and cheerful in colour, simple in design, it is the perfect 'waiting for dinner' knitting.
With 8 inches in body length at the moment, I have  2 more inches of stockinet  to knit  then one inch of border trim before the lower cast off.  Two sleeves later and the sweater will in my 'baby box'.

The pattern is from the Need A Baby Sweater book.  I love that book because every pattern has instructions for several different yarn gauges. That sure makes yarn shopping easy.  When I saw the glorious, child-centred, colours of wicked, I knew that regardless of gauge, I had a pattern that would work.  Knitters of old worked this way, I'm sure.  There certainly wasn't money or opportunity to purchase a new pattern for each project.  One pattern but different stitch counts and needle sizes  and the knitter had instructions for the entire family.   

What worked then, still works in 2013.  And it is so cute.


Christy J said...

Sweater is looking very cute in that yarn.
I noticed that the Cabin Fever ladies are involved in the Yarnover Sleepover weekend at the Fern Resort in April. Are you or any of your knitting friends planning to go? I'm considering it.

Needles said...

I love the colours!

Sandra said...

That is one really cute baby sweater. And all the cabin fever books are brilliant - they provide the perfect pallette for all yarns and sizes.