Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beginnings and Endings

Finished Objects have been in short supply around here this winter.  But there are some.  And along with the FOs there are some new beginnings.  See my parade.

Finished:  The felted Clogs via my pattern re-write are now felted and feeted.  (Ask any knitter how to make the English language evolve)

Beginning:  A baby cardi from this great Cabin Fever Book. 
This is being knit with the King Cole Wicked purchased at True North Yarns in Barrie.  There is method in my madness of beginning another cardi while working on Colour Block.  I keep torturing myself by reading groups such as  13 Sweaters in 2013 on ravelry and bemoaning my lack of finished anything, let alone sweaters.  When finally the light went on, I realized that a sweater is a sweater is a sweater - regardless of size.  This little one is meant to re-stock my box of baby knits, ramp up my FOs list and let me read my ravelry groups without guilt.

Finished:  The Kitimat hat and matching mittens. 
The mittens are simply a 36 stitch mitten worked with the Kitimat  colour chart.  They have the after-thought thumb and finger tips shaped like toes of a sock.  In retrospect, that is the wrong finger-tip shaping for that thumb design.  I think.  The mitten seems to twist a bit, and I am constantly re-aligning the shape-lines along my finger tips.  Perhaps, a better decrease style for this kind of thumb would be to decrease like a hat.  Decreasing the stitches down to a centre few and pulling the yarn through the stitches to close the hole.  Next time.

Beginning:  Victorian Beaded Lace Pullover. 
Designed by my friend Patti-Ann from London Yarns, it has been in my queue for some time. A lovely pullover with beads in the lace trim.   This straight forward sweater I will translate to machine knitting.  You can see my gauge swatch beside the pattern.  Note the size of machine-knit gauge swatches.  That's  the way to test gauge!

Always the carrot in front of the nose, beginnings motivate.  They make finishings faster.    That's my story ----.


Sel and Poivre said...

Twistiness or not I love the mitten and hat combo!

Sandra said...

And machine knit swatches, while huge, also take a fraction of the time to make!

harada57 said...
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