Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Year Is It?

Our crazy Christmas and Florida trip has left me with catch-up. 

My first night back in Canada I put the finishing touches on a new hat.  Started in 2012.  Finished in 2013.  To what year does it belong?  Last year, the same thing happened with Fred's red wool sweater and I gave it to the first finished object of the new  year.  This year, I  am feeling opposite and am listing   the hat as the last FO of 2012.  Just to be different.

The hat is the uber cute Diamond Head Beret.  A free ravelry pattern.  

The pattern is designed by Petra Johnson and to receive the free copy, all you do is email Petra.  Somehow, I got befuddled and instead of Petra emailed this  knitter.   Lucky for me, she happened to have a copy and forwarded it to me, which resulted in me  acquiring a new Northern Ontario ravelry friend.  Thanks, Tee.  Fun.  I love the www.

My hat is knit with Araucania yarn I purchased several years ago at the KW Knitters Fair.

 It didn't at all work out for the sweater for which it was planned and ever since  I have been pecking away at the large quantity that came home with me, using it for slippers and hats.  It is lovely and soft and 100% wool but no way does it knit  to stated gauge.  Each project is a bit of a test. 

This time all worked out well.


Tee said...

You're very welcome Brenday, the beret looks awesome.

Jan said...

Love it!