Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Still In 2012

Just before Christmas, Fred asked me for another scarf.  You may recall the He's Worth It scarf I knit for him earlier in the fall.  Being of such fine quality yarn, he  I  thought he should not wear it to go fishing down at the river.  Thus the request - a fishing scarf.

When we headed out for our Christmas travels I stuffed a bag full of co-ordinating, guy-coloured,  stash yarns and   a 5.5 needle.  With lots of knitting time while doing our elder care, I managed to finish the scarf in record time.

Pattern:  My own.  Cast on  150  ??  200??  -  my memory fails me -  let's say  a bunch of stitches.  Work in garter stitch - that is 2 rows - of each colour, working through the colours and and repeating them randomly.
The colours I selected are mostly rusts, browns and greys.  With one deep red to attract the fish   brighten the scarf.  To give it some symmetry - an unusual design feature for me - I began and ended the scarf with the same colour and knit 4 garter ridges instead of one, to give the edges some definition.  Nothing too good for those fish,  you know. 

The only thing about knitting a lengthwise, garter-stitch scarf to  meet Fred's specification of 'no fringe' is that there were lots of ends to weave in.  Since I did 2 rows of knitting before changing colour, all those tails were at the same end of the scarf.  That did make for a slightly wonky, thicker-at-one-end scarf,  but I'm guessing the fish won't mind.

Fred likes it and hopes it will enable him to stay out longer when cold-weather fishing.  Hmmmm - more knitting time for me.


Sel and Poivre said...

Man 'sounds like you took a powerful lot of yarn on your road trip! It paid off though! Another great stripy scarf!

Jan said...

I'm sure the fish will be very happy looking at Fred's scarf :)