Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Clever Construction

Earlier this fall I bought a How-To Book and DVD by Diana Sullivan.  Diana, from Austin Texas, is a machine knitter extraordinaire.  She is also very generous in sharing her knowledge with her blog/ravelry readers.

One of her 'for sale' items is the package I purchased.  A pattern book and DVD  for several different sizes of  several different styles  of machine-knit slippers.  Considering myself , despite several years of ownership, a machine-knitting novice still, and trying hard to change that situation, I looked forward to elevating my skill set under Diana's tutelage.

But then came Dad's heart attack, Christmas, Dad, Florida, Dad, fatigue, Dad - you get the picture.
Yesterday,  with a winter snow storm forcing me to stay home and indoors, proved to be  the perfect time to try the slippers.

I did it!!!  I can't believe I did it.  I mastered the pattern.  Even my non-verbal hubby was impressed and  raved about my talents when he saw the slippers.  He said "Good for you."

You can see by this picture that the slippers are two different colours.
 I used stash yarn and ran out of one colour.  No matter.  This pair with their less than perfect technique will be mine.

This is the No Sew, Lined Slipper from Diana's book Footnotes -  Goodies For Happy Feet.  The lining is knit first and without a break the knitting continues on to the outside of the slipper.

 Then the final piece-de-resistance is the no-sew, knit-together bit at the end of the construction that knits the lining to the slipper.  It comes off the machine ready to wear.  I made this pair in about 90 minutes - a newbie time frame, I'm sure.  Think how quickly I can knit them once I know what I am doing.

The slippers, being a double layer of wooly, yarny goodnes are super warm.  Just what is needed for our minus 14'c day.  (About 4'f I think for my non-celcius readers.)

My feet are warm. I've learned a new skill.  I am super thrilled.  Thanks, Diana.


Sandra said...

Hmmmm, as another "long time owner, but really novice" machine knitter, I may have to indulge myself with this book - that pattern looks great!

Sel and Poivre said...

I love the interior's jolt of colour! Nifty!

Needles said...

I think I belong in this category too. I did however get rid of the second machine. one really is enough. But I have enough on the go with spinning and knitting. I have more than enough on the go and really ought to get a little more go under my belt before something new comes up and bops me on the head!

Moe said...

Your slippers are so cute.
I wonder if that pattern could be adapted to the sock machine.
Love no sewing quick patterns.
Always feels good to learn something new.

Linda said...

Whoopee, what a freezing day achievement! Kudo from husband always help, too. I'm impressed and feeling warmer already, :).