Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

'The spring that never was' gives us a good reason to come to knit group. A place to warm up the needles and ourselves. 

Sandy B, freshly back from  Florida, says  she just  can't get warm.  I told her the cold must be affecting her hair colour.  It has turned red.

Sandy claims there was a communication problem with the hairdresser.  The weather does wonders for her knitting output though.  So many  little hats with I-Cord knots have rolled off her needles.

Doreen is knitting another 'givin'-me-grief' project.
 She seems to begin each knitting session by recapturing lost stitches on this ruffled scarf.  They march off the needles during the night, she says. 

Wilma has a very cute pair of baby socks in the works,

while Bonnie has finished her craft-show, baby blanket.

With seven balls of Astra, plus her time, in this blanket   we asked what she could possibly charge to make it worth her while.  We're still waiting for the answer. 

What is Ingrid knitting?  If you guessed a gored skirt, with each gore being a different  colour, and each knitted gore being crocheted together, you'd be right.  A far cry from hats or dishcloths.

Gail's little top down cardigan nears completion.  
This is the same pattern that she knit for the 2010 Olympic challenge and which that time 'round made her blood pressure spike.  No time pressure now,  so no medical crisis either.

You will have to take my word for it, but Mona is knitting lovely cable mittens.  Focusing on her terrific smile, I forgot to ask her to hold up her knitting.

Where do you suppose these ladies will be tomorrow morning at 5am?  In my living room, sipping champagne and orange juice, nibbling on scones and watching the royal wedding.  Full details tomorrow.

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Needles said...

I'm going to try to be up. Is it right to sip champagne an orange juice in the middle of the night?
And should I wear a hat if all I have is a cowboy hat or a baseball cap?