Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Wow!  A celebrity knits among us.  This knitter, new to the world of celebrities, is certainly  not new to us or to the world of fantastic, creative designing and knitting.

Ingrid brought in a copy of the most recent issue of Vogue Knitting.  Inside VK, there is an advertisement for a new magazine.  Koigu  now has it's own magazine. 
Guess who designed and knit the dress on the front cover of this premiere issue?  That's right!  Our very own Koigu Queen - Ingrid.  Congratulations, Ingrid.  Front cover no less. 
Pat, our main Royal Watcher, had a special mail delivery today.  Her pattern to knit the Royal Wedding arrived.  
 Here's Kate and William.  Pat is disgusted with the nose given William.  She thinks it makes him look like Jimmy Durante. 
She assured us he will look much 'prettier' when she's finished knitting him.  I suggested she should aim to have it finished in time for the wedding.  But a work of this magnitude takes time, she said. 

Our knitters are multi talented.  Wilma brought in some of her very own hand made greeting cards.
What word can we create for a knitter who also scrapbooks?  A 'scrapknitter'?  A 'knittingscrapper'?
Ingrid also creates cards.  Today, she brought in one of her wonderful cards that reflect her love of knitting.  My poor photography doesn't show to advantage the lovely card.  There is a  little piece of cabled knitting with  stitches held   on 'toothpick'  needles.  And as you can see, Ingrid also spins.  Would we call her a 'spinning booknitter'?   Perhaps, brilliantly creative will do.

Blinded by all this brilliance, Gail, Sharon, Mona and I knit.  That's all.  No cards.  No design premiers.  Sigh.  It used to be enough.


Needles said...

It still is.

Laurie said...

LOL! I love this post. Congrats to Ingrid and the other intrepid papercrafters. I've dabbled in many other crafts (my favorite being bobbin lace), but I always return to knitting. Papercrafting...ugh...too much like art class at school. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very exciting about Ingrid's cover debut!! and I can't wait to see Pat's royal wedding!
Are you still watching Survivor, Brenda? do you think Philip is putting on an act or is he genuinely loopy? surely he couldn't keep up an act this long.