Monday, April 11, 2011

Comfort Found Here

With my lace pattern giving me grief -  sure, I know it was me that was the problem and not the  pattern because   I read, then promptly forgot the  directions and merrily carried on knitting lace until I realized I had gone too far.  Still, grief  is what followed.  Reading lace knitting has never been my knitting forte.  While I can read, understand and even  carry out the instructions, once ripped, I have difficulty 'reading' where in the lace pattern I am/was.   That was the true cause of the grief.

The general population might seek comfort in a  miriad of things and, at times, so do I.   I am however, a Knitter.  First and foremost then,   I seek comfort in the needles.

This weekend, , I set aside Peasy, with it's grief-causing lace and instead knit one of these.    A Comfort Doll.    The pattern is here.  My doll is seen here, first, lying flat, with both knitting and embroidery done.

And here, partially sewn, waiting for the stuffing.  

A quick knit, a bit of embroidery, some stuffing and there's comfort for both the  knitter and the eventual owner of the doll.


Joansie said...

Cute! Do post more pictures when finished!

Sandra said...

very cute - love the colours you've used.
And I totally agree with taking abreak from one type of knitting - there's always another type waiting for you.

Laurie said...

What a cute, fun little knit! I love the colors you chose. It's always good to toss in an instant gratification project when you're working on something that frustrates you.