Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Lots of chatter, lots of chocolate, lots of knitting, lots of fun.  That was knit group today.

Sandy B is back from Florida - 
tanned and hating our cool weather.  She says the only thing she misses when gone are her kids, grand kids and Knit Group.  Glad we made the list, Sandy.

Sharon is finished with her monkey business. 
This is the second monkey she has knit and the last for a while.  Very cute, but fiddly she says. 

Look at how much knitting Nicki has done since last Friday when she purchased this Americo Flamme at the Creative Festival. 
She is knitting Mothed from  Her vision is for a see-through top to cover her bikini while she strolls the beach on a warm summer evening eating an ice cream cone.    Some - or maybe all -  of that is fantasy she says.    I think you've accomplished the see through part, Nicki.

Donna has caught the one-hour hat bug. 
These are cute, Donna.  Your grand daughters will love them.

Gloria's doll matches her outfit.  There's a goal for you. A knitted toy to every outfit. 

Bonnie, after many, many years of selling her knitted things  at the  Meaford Craft Show, retired from it in 2009.  It's a very busy, two day show the weekend before Thanksgiving and takes tons of knitted things to fill a booth.   Bonnie statement a few months back was - too much  knitting, too much work, too much time, too hard on the legs and feet.  She said  she was glad to be done with it.  But!  Someone talked her into  doing it again in 2011.   
She's busy crocheting and knitting best sellers.  Like this baby blanket. 

A busy group of knitters . 

Happy Easter to you all.


Laurie said...

Happy Easter!! Thanks, as always, for sharing all the lovely projects, even if you're not sharing the chocolate. ;-)

Joansie said...

What a happy-looking group of knitters!