Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where To Start?

Having set aside optional knitting for the entire year of 2010 to concentrate on Elizabeth Zimmermann's techniques and patterns I now have a stockpile of yarn and patterns I'm anxious to knit.

This orange/rust yarn
is meant for this lovely, cabled cardigan. From Creative Knitting,
I missed the name of the pattern when photocopying, so can't provide you with a link. This cardigan excited me for fall wear until last Thanksgiving weekend. Everywhere I went in my little town on Georgian Bay I saw city tourists wearing orange/rust. There were so many of them, it became funny as I imagined the high-end shop clerk selling them their sweaters/scarves/ hats/ jackets by saying the colour would be wonderful for a fall weekend in the country. Discouraged by my late-coming to the orange sweater-for-fall craze, but not defeated, I intend to join the ranks of those that 'know how to dress' for autumn.

Patiently waiting it's post-Elizabeth turn is this bag of creamy off-white Zara. A lovely, soft, New Zealand Merino.
It should look great in Peasy, a pattern by Heidi Kirrmeir I downloaded from her ravelry site.

A fun project, I've been anxious to begin is Kate Atherley's Moose Eh? Sweater.

I purchased this pattern and yarn as a kit from Toronto's The Purple Purl.
It is such a fun take on a typical Canadian sweater I imagine it will bring a smile to my face each time I wear it. Can't wait.

This soft, fussy yarn,
caught my eye because if that doesn't say Brenda's Colour, I don't know what will. I see this in a longish vest with cap sleeves and maybe a cable or two.

And, I purchased some Noro.
My colours again. In my mind, I have, until recently, seen it knit up in this vest pattern. The Summer Vest from Creative Knitting.
But lately, I've begun to think that maybe the yarn would look better knit in EZ's Rib Warmer Vest. With the Rib Warmer's mitred corners, the colours would turn a right angle. Wouldn't that look great in Noro?

Quite a stockpile. All intended to be knit in 2011. My biggest decision at the moment is where to start?


Nicki said...

I vote for the ribwarmer vest, I think it will look amazing with the colour changes.

Deb said...

Wow, that's quite a line up. The cabled cardigan looks fantastic. And I can picture the Peasy cardigan on you already. It will look great. So many riches, what will you choose to do first?

Stephanie said...

Oh, I hate having to decide what to start next. :) But it's a good decision to have to make. I don't know about the tourists, but I love rust orange just because! I think that color and pattern will go great together. Hmm, but what to start next... They all look fun!

Yarn and Ivories said...

Hang on, now! Start them all!

Anne Campbell said...

Great collection! Zara is such a marvelous yarn to knit with, I'd be tempted to start Peasy. And I agree that the ribwarmer will look fantastic in that Noro. Have fun!

Sel and Poivre said...

I vote for the Noro ribwarmer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,

I vote for the last patern in your list. The Noro. The colours are amazing and it looks lie the fastest easiest to start with so you can quickly move on to other projects and not get bored.

Love your DIL

Laurie said...

Oh my, you have wonderful projects planned! I love the first one best but can't wait to see them all.