Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

With Survivor still on winter break, the singular great thing about mid-week is Knit Group. Since coming back in the new year, two new knitters have joined our ranks. Donna and Tanya. Sadly, I forgot to snap Donna's photo. Tanya, though, a brand new knitter, was so happy with her first-ever, 40 cast-on stitches that she proudly held them up for all to see. Along with her pattern. The Fish Hat from 40 first-ever, cast-on stitches are quite an accomplishment. But keep going Tanya. 90 are needed.
A little camera shy are we, Tanya?

Isn't this a perfect picture? Three knitters, side by side, chatting and all three, knitting socks.
Gail, Sharon and Bonnie are expert sock knitters. Marlene, though, has just been bitten by the sock-knitting bug.

This first pair of bright, cheerful, hand-knit socks, she is gifting to a friend. Or at least she will when she gets her hands on another ball of the yarn . Eight rows short of 'done' she ran out of yarn.

Wilma, soon to get on a plane to head out to Calgary to visit her daughter is knitting a top down hat.
This is the Top Down Igloo Hat from Cabin Fever's Need A Hat ? (the bright orange one on the left hand side in the link) This is Wilma's second Igloo Hat. The first, she reported was a success and received lots of compliments so another one is on the needles.

The cheerful, multi-coloured piece you see in front of Doreen is one of a set of Thigh Warmers.
Yep, that's right. Thigh Warmers. Her daughter works in a frigid office and complains of cold thighs while at her desk. Only a knitting Mom would know how to solve that issue. Thigh Warmers! I wonder if they will catch on? What I love about this picture is that Doreen' hand is a blur. Isn't that a typical knitter's hand?

Today, I wore my Nimbus to knit group.

Compliments are one thing, but when they take it right off your back! Wilma who has queued Nimbus, tried mine on. It fit her perfectly, so she measured it to know which size to make.

Lots of fun. Lots of laughs. Great to be back at knit group.


Yarn and Ivories said...

Hands a-blur, shirt off your back, sock=mania and new cast-on. What a session!
I forgot my camera tonight and could have had
"the great untangling" of all times. Four of us worked for 30 minutes untangling a mohair mess by cute kittens. Simone didn't think they are so cute anymore, but we got it sorted out having to resort to one snip of the yarn.

Zieknits said...


I've missed seeing you all, over the holiday. Thanks, Brenda! I needed that.

I'm off to spinning/knitting this morning, myself. :) The company of like-minded people is good for the spirit.

Soxophone Player said...

The socks that quit 8 rows short - must be KROY. If so I have a few ends of that colourway that are probably enough to complete the miscreant sock. I can drop them off in town if she hasn't gone and bought another ball yet.

Needles said...

I think I have some of that colourway too, if needed. Knitting that one made me laugh!

Isn't it nice to get back to normal routines after the holidays? Comfortable and sedate, and exciting all at the same time!