Monday, January 10, 2011

Request Number Two

Daughter-in-Law, Kim's request for a 'rabbit fur hat' was request number one for 2011. The second request came from niece Katie.

20 year old Katie is a third year, U of T student. It never would have occurred to me that she might covet the same hat I knit for 'more-than-20-year-old' Dorothy. But covet it she did. At our Christmas gift exchange, where we practise the crafty art of 'stealing', Katie asked if she could steal Dorothy's red hat. Sadly for Katie, it was not part of the exchange. I knit Dorothy's hat just for Dorothy.

A little quicker on the uptake with this second request, I asked Katie if she would like a hat like Dorothy's. Her big grin was my answer. "Red?" I asked. Another grin. "With a big, gaudy, flower decoration on the side?" "Yup!" she said.

Second off the needles, then, for 2011 is Katie's hat. Another Bonne Marie Burns Felted Bucket Hat
Last night I knit what I thought would be a perfect, decorative flower for it. The Interweave Press flower pattern, knit with one strand Mission Falls black and one strand of very fine metallic yarn.
But I'm not so sure. The flower seems as if it might be better suited to a crocheted hat/skull cap from the hippy era.
It lacks the sophistication I feel this hat needs.
I'll check out 'stuff' at the dollar store and then perhaps give Katie a choice. Thanks, Katie. I love requests.


Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

I love your hats! Now I'm inspired to go and knit one up!

LaurieM said...

I think the black flower could work. Perhaps with a broad black ribbon just above the brim?

It's a lovely hat and such a cheery red too.

Yarn and Ivories said...

Beautiful hat and gorgeous flower!