Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can You See A 'But' Coming?

Bloggers who use their bog for self-promotion are not my type of blogger. Using the blog mainly to advertise the latest for-sale pattern, or promote the most recent book tour is not my idea of good blogging.

Blogging about knitting, to me, means sharing ideas, sharing successes and sharing trials about knitting experiences. In this way, bloggers further the art/craft of knitting and that benefits all knitters.

Knowing that self-promotion is not something that I do often, here comes my 'but'.

But, readers are aware that over the last several months, I was working on a book. Deb Gemmell from Cabin Fever and I worked together to produce a book on how to knit socks. Titled
Need A Sock? it was released in mid-September.

The book is a tutorial, a recipe, a formula on how to knit socks. It encourages the knitter to become intuitive about sock knitting. Our hope is that once the sock knitting formula is mastered, sock knitting will be second nature to the knitter. No patterns will ever be required to knit socks.

With that in mind, Deb and I are organizing a KAL. For knitters wanting to knit a first sock - or - for knitters wanting to learn to knit socks using the percentage formula, the KAL will run on ravelry starting in early November.

If you are interested, you can check in with the Cabin Fever ravelry group here.

I now return to my regular programming blogging.


LaurieM said...

There's a joke in that title about butts.... :P

I know I've got my sock pattern firmly in my head. The fun for me at this point is learning the tweaks that improve fit. I'll be trying a new type of short row heel shortly...

Sel and Poivre said...

I think writing and launching a knitting book is appropriate and frankly exciting blog fodder!

Self promotion gets tedious when every time except when the blogger wants you to buy something they post that they can't post about anything because its all secret.

(Actually it doesn't get that tedious because after more than a couple of those kinds of messages I drop the blog from my reading list and shift it instead to my list of knit shopping sites that I visit much less frequently.)

Bottom line your KAL on Ravelry should be great and for my part I hope you keep us posted on its progress and any other book-related tid bits!

Joansie said...

Hmmm...I can't access the link to your book!!! Oh, I don't mindfolks promoting their books or tours but what I do mind are the people who leave comments on my blog that start..."Just stopping by to remind you to visit my charity knitting blog (with the link attached). If you go to that blog, there are a gazillion ads just waiting for you to click on them so the promoter can make money.

So, please do promote your book....we all need to know what is out there.

Laurie said...

Hmmm...promote away! I need that book! :-)