Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Next Generation

It's hard to beat this scenario.
The last ball of yarn to be wound for vacation knitting.

Carrying Grandma's yarn to the car.
Then the box of books.

9 year old boys are the greatest.

We are off for our long drive. Dressed in our best to ensure good, gas station service. 11 hours should be enough for Grandma to knit a pair of men's red socks.


Gisella said...

Ooh, I've got teh EZ Almanac too! Such a nice feeling of recognition looking at your book photo. What's the creamy pink one? Not something on socks by any chance?

That would be too much of a coincidence. Happy holiday knitting!

LaurieM said...

What a wonderful helper you have there!

I know the pink one, it's the Opinionated Knitter! Keeping up with your EZ I see.

Nicki said...

Have a good summer Brenda. I think it will be a good one. No wool sweater knitting this summer!

Laurie said...

Ah, so nice to see you're raising your grandson to appreciate the finer things in life - YARN!!! LOL! Enjoy your long drive, and especially the vacation that awaits.