Thursday, July 29, 2010

Excuse My Pride.

My dad, as faithful readers know, turned 90 this June. He wears his hair in a pony tail, loves red wine, good cigars and Dixie Land Jazz. He treats himself to several 24/7 days of that music each spring when he goes to New Orleans for the jazz Festival.

Often, on a Saturday, he takes the train to Toronto to hear some music. You can find him at the Rex on Queen, the C'est What on Front or Grossman's on Spadina, listening to his favourite bands.

Last week while here at the trailer, son Charlie, at work in Hearst, received an email from 'Grandpa Jack' that said to tell me to read this article from the local newpaper.

Way to go, Dad! While your family might be quite active, we'll never beat the hours you've spent at the gym. That slow loss is a great goal, though.


Anonymous said...

That Dad of yours is someone to be proud of!
Nancy FP in Ferndale

deb said...

What an inspiration! If only I could knit on the treadmill.

Laurie said...

YAY, Dad!!!! What a wonderful, inspirational guy - you have every right to be proud!