Monday, July 12, 2010

From Sunny Hearst

I personally want to give thanks to the inventor of those little DVD players that kids use in vehicles. Our 11 drive to Hearst with 3 kids in the car was amazingly quiet and absent of any kiddy complaints.

The drive gave me enough time to knit one entire man-size sock of Briggs & Little Tuffy -the yarn James wound for me the day before we left. Mind you, knitting at 7 am in the back seat of the van feels a bit funny - not my norm at least. Yes, I did say back seat. One of the 3 kids suffers from car sickness and I'd rather sit in the back than have a sick child. So the 13 year old gets the front seat and looks after Grandpa while he drives, and Grandma sits - what seems like miles away- in the rear. Knitting. Not a bad situation at all.

At the moment, I have come to 'town' to use the computer. While I have figured out the basics of this different machine, you will notice this is a pictureles post. I need - probably - a child to show me how to post pictures. Until then, thanks for reading.


Sandra said...

sometimes, when brother-in-law and nephew come back from the cottage with us I get the far back of the SUV. Me, a bunch of pillows, my iPod and my knitting. Heaven on 4 wheels.

Laurie said...

You're lucky to be able to knit in the back seat! I'm with your grandson and can sometimes, but not often, knit when I'm up front. Mostly I just stare at the horizon. Poor me...I get sick on a porch swing. LOL!

Isn't there a train that goes to Hearst? I have a memory of my father and I planning to take a train from Michigan up to Hearst. Unfortunately, he passed before we could put the plan in action.

freshisle said...

Glad you've arrived safe and sound. Separating the kids a bit helps on the compaining part, too!