Thursday, July 22, 2010

Elizabeth's Back

Yes, indeed! Elizabeth's back. Taking a brief EZ break from the small needles and fine yarn of socks, I decided to make the Snail Hat. It's a hat I have never previously made but one that's been on my EZ list of 2010.

Mine is made with a cake of Briggs & Little 5 strand unspun - commonly used for thrumming or Cowichan-like sweaters. It is thick - about 2 stitches to the inch with 7.5 mm needles - and soft. Perfect for this hat.

The hat is a quick knit. It doesn't take long to figure out the math Elizabeth used and how to make those purl strips spiral towards the top.

But is it a hat that I would wear?? Not so sure. A hat that I will even keep? Not so sure. Does it look as good on me as it does modeled in The Opinionated Knitter? Definitely not. Sorry to say.

Fred is my first model

Then the arm of the 'balanceur' - porch swing in English.

The math works. The pattern works. The yarn works. But style??? Lacking a little something, I think.


LaurieM said...

I can't decide if it is too pointy or not pointy enough.

Pointier in that color would make a nice santa hat.

freshisle said...

I made one of these ages ago, and I agree, not too stylish.
I love the Santa hat idea!

Sandra said...

ummm it's cute, but I can't see it as being... attractive.
But using it as a way to try to get into EZ's brain? Good job!

Laurie said...

I think it would be a lot of fun to knit...but it looks like a giant blob of cherry soft serve. LOL!