Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

And good it is to be back.

Sandy paid me a big compliment in my absence. She knit - not one, but two - of my Easy Peasy Wraps.

Well, the pink one isn't quite finished yet, but well on it's way.The wraps mark a crossing of a threshold for Sandy. Sandy told the group today, that she has been knitting since she was seven and she is now - well, old enough to be retired - and the wraps are the first items EVER! that she has knit for herself.

Crossing one threshold often enables one to cross another. This winter, Sandy says she intends to buy her first computer and take lessons so she can read the blog. Because, without the blog, she had no pattern for the Easy Peasy Wrap. She did it all from memory. With a memory like that, Sandy, computers will be a breeze.

And the other Sandy - our summer host - the 'Don't post my picture' Sandy - had this lovely bag.
Sorry for the blurry shot, Sandy. I think I was overwhelmed by the bag.

I worked on my mystery hat. All will be revealed in time.

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