Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Not Just A Red Neck.

Having finished my treatise on fit, I can now give you a post about current knitting.  Including a picture.

 If you recall, I started a sweater over Christmas that I hoped to have completed before heading south.  It is my new, wear-around-the-house sweater.  When starting to type this morning, I thought - This sweater needs a name.  Instantly 'red neck' came to mind because of the red in the yoke. But then, the neck also has green,  purple, white, and yellow.  So Not Just A Red Neck it will be.

Today is my last day of regular knitting, before  wool gets moth-balled for warmer-type, Florida fibres. (Maybe I should say Florida Fibers.  When in Rome, you know.)   So is Not Just A Red Neck finished?  Not quite.

Not knowing if I had enough tweed yarn to finish the sweater,  I had stopped knitting the body just shy of the lower trim and started the sleeves.   If need be, I knew I could put a deep,  multi-coloured  piece along the sweater bottom if yarn was short.

Knitting with the tweed, I finished sleeve number one.  Number two just needs a cuff.  That's is do-able today.

All that will remain then, for spring knitting, is to finish the lower body, steek the sweater and add some front button band trim.  Type of trim to be decided once I have steeked and tried on the sweater.  It will tell me what kind of trim to use.

I like it.  The bright colours at the neck line make what would be a dull sweater, pop.  It will be fun to wear.

PS.  Yesterday a comment appeared on the blog about fit.  It asked  if there is not nice fitting cardigan in the wardrobe to measure, is it OK to measure a tee shirt and use those measurements to knit a cardi?  Not sure whether this was meant to be a LOL question but I refer you to this post.


Sel and Poivre said...

Hey! Happy 2017! Glad to hear all is well (love the "knew" knit!)

Vera said...

It was a real question and thanks for the answer. You helped me tremendously. As soon as I have enough pennies saved I shall get some yarn and try again to knit a cardigan this time it will fit...hopefully!

UplayOnline said...

Glad to hear all is well (love the "knew" knit!)

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