Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Canadian Recognition, Eh?

Yesterday, while out thrifting for bargains with my friend, I was spotted by a fellow Canadian.  I was searching through a packed-full rack of clothing and made a comment to no one in particular -   'These clothes are packed tight, eh?'

Immediately a woman standing a few feet away, spoke to me and asked where I was from.  'Canada,' I replied.

'Well, I know that,' she said.

When I asked her how she knew that, she repeated  -   'These clothes are packed tight - eh?'

My eh gave me away.   That is how I met Pat.  Pat from Peterborough and I had a nice chat about things back home. She was tickled to know my sister lives in Peterborough.

I never know whether to 'eh' away as my natural inclinations prompt me to do, or to  try to  improve my speech patterns.  But with the 'eh' you meet some nice people when away from home.

And knitting?  Well, not much, I had to buy a new needle.  My 16 inch cable just wouldn't cut the 154 stitches in this thick yarn.  With a new 29 inch cable,  the afghan is underway. It will be very pretty, I think.


Vera said...

Very pretty colours and pattern.

Needles said...

Brenda, you're back! I was just thinking of you and here you are!

It looks lovely.

harada57 said...
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UplayOnline said...

I was just thinking of you and here you are!

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