Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's All About Small

In the wardrobe switchover this past fall,  when I switch out the fading season's clothing to make room for the upcoming season's duds, I realized I had lots of sweaters.  Some might say too many sweaters.  I said , 'enough!'

2016, then, will be a year of small knits.  Hats, cowls, slippers, shawls,  mittens and the like.  Which will give me a chance to use up more stash yarn. Those bits and bobs that are difficult to find a place for in sweater knitting.

First up, is another  Elizabeth McCarten pattern.  Elizabeth does great designing and pattern writing.  Last year, three times, I knit her patterns.  One   My Valentine and two Glenoras.  Now, I start 2016 with another McCarten. This one, Elizabeth offers for free and calls  the Neck Thingum.  My French grand children would call it  -  the 'Cache Cou.'  Literally - hide neck - how accurate is that?

A quick and easy knit, it is simply a turtle neck with a bottom flare that spreads out to cover the upper chest area inside a coat.   A very manly cowl, I'd say.  Mine is knit with Cascade 220 leftover from My Circular Yoke sweater.

Elizabeth calls her 'thingum' boring and unglamorous.  I call mine - a gift waiting to happen.

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Anonymous said...

hey Brenda, come join us over in Deb's sock KAL and whip up a pair or 2 ...(or 3 or 4). t_a