Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

A funeral kept me away from Knit Group last week, so  it was great fun to arrive today to all the excitement.  The group has taken up the challenge to knit Izzy Dolls for refugee children.

Called Izzy Dolls or Comfort Dolls, I originally discovered them several years ago at a Church bazaar and posted about them here  and here.

With multiple dolls being planned, many brought suitable stash yarn to share.

And some dolls have already been knit.

They are basically a tube or sack that is shaped by drawing a piece of yarn through the knitting at anatomically correct places on the body. Here you see the shaped  versus the unshaped.

Much like a woman of a certain age without foundation garments versus the 'be-all-that-you-can-be' version.

The other exciting thing that happened today was that both Jean and I  wore our My Valentine sweaters.

Jean knit hers last winter with her own hand spun.  I knit mine last summer with Classic Wool.  Patons did my spinning.  Jean offered to call me next week before getting dressed.

A great afternoon.  Our group doesn't often knit for charity.  Or knit the same thing at the same time.  That community knit experience does give a knitter a warm and fuzzy feel. 

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Anonymous said...

The Valentines are so lovely!