Tuesday, March 17, 2015

On To The Sleeves

Patchwork's sleeves have been started.   
Sleeves done on straight needles, knitting back and forth, seem to take me forever.  Done on circs they go much more quickly.  A bit of Magic Loop at the narrow beginning does the trick until the circumference is big enough to take the entire cable.  Once I get to the cap, I will revert to back and forth knitting for that shaping.

And - Fred's puzzle is finished. 

1,000 pieces - well actually 999 -

I purchased it for him at Valu Village for 99 cents.  He sure got his money's worth.  And I have my blocking board back.  Patchwork is on the board now.

Our weather is showing definite signs of spring or as we knitters call it 'cotton knittin' time'.  I want Patches done before that cotton leaps onto my needles.

PS: I sound like Rick Mercer but -  Gail A sent me this notice about a workshop at Storybook Farm in Manitoba. If you are out that way, drop in.

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