Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Like A Tortoise

Sorry for the mixed, animal references, but like a tortoise, my knitting projects are moving at a snail's pace. For some reason, I too, seem to be moving at a snail's pace.  Perhaps it is the very, very minus temperatures we are experiencing here in central Ontario. Hopefully, winter's last hurrah  before we leap into spring. 

Whatever the reason, here is the progress on both my Project Purple and Patchwork.

About 4 inches I would say.  It is a very long scarf/wrap so needs to be at least eight but better twelve inches I think.   A ways to go.

I did start the back of Patchwork - but a very small start it is.
Just a few rows of bottom ribbing to show for my pre-nap efforts.  This work was knit with the 4.5mm needless from my new Knit Picks set.  That would be the set I had to buy to replace the ones lost in my ''oh-so-dumb- to leave -the-van-unlocked-in Toronto' Christmas car theft.

The front of Patchwork looks lovely though.   

The colours are great and the off-centre placement of the different patches really works for me.  I can knit a sweater in two weeks.  I have done it a few times when competing in Knitting Olympics.  The thought did cross my mind that in the two and a half weeks between retuning from Florida and heading to Hawaii, I could finish Patchwork.  But I failed to take into account the tortoise effect the cold weather has on me.  So glad I didn't join the '12 or 15 in 2015' group on ravelry.

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Sel and Poivre said...

I find going from cold (here) to hot (away) then back into cold then back to hot again and so on is super draining. I can't seem to maintain momentum between trips like many people can and seem to do. In other words, I feel your pain!