Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Rush To Finish

It has been a bit of a rush around here  finishing a couple of projects before heading off on our big trip to Hawaii.  Tomorrow we leave, and by last evening, both pieces were finished.  Perfect timing.

I came home last Wednesday from my Ladies With Balls  with an unfinished Entrelac piece.  The knitter had been working on this for over a year and had finally reached the    her   finish line.   But she couldn't remember/figure out how to work the final, casting-off  tier of triangles. 

Me- I'm the 'teacher'  - but do you think I could remember?  It has been quite some time since I have worked Entrelac and with all the other ladies chatting, knitting and asking for assistance, I too, couldn't remember how to work that final tier.  My 'lady' was sure she had made a mistake,  making it impossible to  go forward.  I offered to bring the piece home and work on it in the quiet of my living room. 

There was definitely a mistake. But it was mine.  The scarf must finish the way it began - with Tier One.  My instructions said simply to  work Tiers One and Two until desired length then finish with the Final Tier.  No. No. No.  Work Tiers One and Two finishing with Tier One before working the Final Tier.  Oops. 

Mistake corrected, her piece looks lovely.

Also finished is the Purple wrap I knit for the Epilepsy Sale. 
The fringe needs to be trimmed and the wrap blocked.  But I can't do that for awhile because Fred has stolen my blocking board for his winter pass time.

I do have my knitting packed for the trip but other than plane time I cannot imagine spending Hawaiian evenings knitting.  We'll see.


Sel and Poivre said...

I think even if I was taking a trip to Mars I'd want to knit in the evenings! Have fun - see you in the Spring!

Vera said...

Love that purple scarf, it's beautiful.

Sigrun said...

I just happen to have my entrelac book handy--if you still need help, e-mail me or leave a comment on my blog.

freshisle said...

Hope you have a wonderful time! I enjoy Fred's winter puzzles, too.

Deb @ cabinfever said...

Fred and I enjoy the same passion. I want to jump into the photo and put a couple of pieces in!
Have a great holiday.