Monday, August 25, 2014

Home From the Holidays

We have a lovely back yard.  Lot of trees and green grass.  No other houses behind us.  But as I sit on the deck this morning to write this post, I have to say, I am missing the trailer. There,  the deck overlooks the lake making the trees and grass  at home poor by comparison.    This morning, though,  I have a dental appointment - work on my $3000 tooth - so home I am.

One of the things I do miss about home when at the trailer is the WiFi.  There is none at the lake.  Once home I spend hours on my computer, getting caught up from my summer of abstinence.  Yesterday was a day with Ravelry.  Is it just me or was there very little summer knitting? Fewer tank tops and little summer cardigans?    It seemed as if knitters carried on with hats, mittens, wraps  and  winter knits.  My summer was cooler and wetter than normal with fewer summer knits.  Perhaps it was the same for other ravelers.

Trailer laundry and unpacking is done. Canning recipes are on the counter.  The summer mail contained the flyer for the September KW Knitters Fair.  All signs that the summer of 2014 is ending.  Time to get back to routine and some serious knitting.  

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