Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Bare Bits

My lacey, white summer tee has a finished back

and part of a front.
 I like what I see so far and am pleased with the knit.  Other that it is taking way too long to complete.  I started this, you might remember, on the first weekend of May - the weekend I went to Baltimore.  I do recall saying to Lyn as we drove south towards our destination that it was going to be a quick knit.

That was the blind refusing to see.  The gauge, although as suggested, was too loose for my liking.  That was a rip  Then the lace turned out to be  way too stretchy for my liking.    Another rip.  Smaller needles, a re-design of the lace sections and I am more slowly on my way.  I can see this little top taking  a month to complete.  Ah well - the never-ending saga of the knitter's life.

What concerns me now, is the bare bits.  Where will they locate themselves?  Above or below the spots that I wish to modestly cover is fine.  I could then wear the tee without a tank underneath  -  much more perfect for a hot summer's day.  But if the bare bits sit atop what is best covered, then a tank will be required.

Way too old for the current trend towards bare shoulders, mid-riffs and other body parts (truthfully, who isn't too old for that?)  I am hoping for an air-conditioned-but-modest tee.   I'll need to finish the tee before I know what the  bare bits will bare.   Fingers crossed. 


Vera said...

Good luck with your "bare bits"

Lurdes Silva said...

Olá, tenho a certeza que vai ficar linda e pode ser que tape os sitios certos lol. Fico à espera de ver pronta, beijos doces