Monday, May 12, 2014

A Failed Test

Mothers' Day weekend is test weekend at our house. We test the season's progression.  This year, spring failed the test. 

Long time readers know that Mothers' Day weekend is when we bought our house back in 2006.  That year, the weather had been warm and sunny for weeks.  As Fred gazed out  the patio doors,  the Church behind us was so well hidden   by the leaves on the Birch trees as to be unrecognizable.  Not knowing the area and worried that the house backed onto a night club, motor cycle gang club house or some such, he turned to the realtor standing beside him and asked " What's that building back there?"  The United Church.  Well, they'd make great neighbours. 

Each year since, I check that patio-door view on Mothers Day weekend.  This year, the season failed us.  No mistaking the building beyond our shsed.  This was the view Saturday morning. 


I will continue to check the view every Saturday.  Then I will be able to tell you for sure how many weeks our season is lagging behind this year.  Stay tuned.

But I did see something, Saturday morning, that  I had not seen in months. 

Buds. Those are buds.  They will eventually be leaves.  I'm serious.  They will be leaves.  Hopefully green ones before they turn colour and drop off. 


ES said...

Oh wow, do you get photos every year? they would be interesting to look at :)

Brendaknits said...

I do try to rmeember to take that photo each year ES. I often blog about the view on Mothers Day and I would have to say this is the least leafed year since 2006.

Sel and Poivre said...

If its anything like it is down here after the past two day's worth of rain you won't be seeing that church this weekend!

Every time I look out the window this morning the leaves are bigger!