Tuesday, May 27, 2014

At Last

This is a sight I am sure glad to see. 

My lacey, summer tee is almost finished.  For what was supposed to be a fast knit - in my mind at least - the almost one month it has taken to knit this little piece  has been much too long.

Still to be done is the weaving in of all the ends, seams to sew, then little sleeve extensions.  Those I think I will knit down by picking up the stitches at the bottom of the sleeve cap and knitting until I like the length.

Lacey has had her bath and is now pinned out on the blocking board.  Wet cotton can take awhile to dry.  I didn't want to chance it getting mouldy before getting dry so I took it outside.  Right now, Lacey is enjoying some sunshine on the deck.  Details in a day or so.



Sel and Poivre said...

Pinned out on that red and white gingham "Lacey" already looks summery-perfect! Don't be too hard on her for taking a bit more time than you planned - she looks like she will be well worth the wait!

Needles said...

Oh I like the look of this one, Brenda!