Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

If uncertain, unseasonable weather is a sign of  dire, global, weather issues, then we've got issues in spades here on Central Ontario.  Last week, too hot and humid for Sandy B to keep her new linen top on for any length of time, this week, perfect weather for Ruth's mohair knitting.

We've learned that while we might not be able to count on  historically, predictable weather, we can count on knitting and knit group to brighten our Thursdays.

Jean arrived today, wearing her 'Yukon'  over blouse.

Called Yukon because she knit it for her upcoming, summer trip to the Yukon.  Jean calls it a 'junk jazzer'.  A lacey, summer top (the jazz piece) to  layer over a plain 'tee' (the junk piece) when you need to fancy yourself up a bit.  It's lovey Jean - the perfect piece to take a 'tee' from kayak to clubbing  while on a camping trip to the Yukon.

Jean also brought in her 'completed-for-sure-now',  Baby Surprise Jacket. 

Trimmed  out with   fuzzy yarn and  colour-coordinated, truck buttons, it has become a one of a kind piece.  E.Z.  would like it.

This yarn, looks to be normal, ordinary yarn. 

To call it normal or ordinary is a great compliment.  The yarn is the result of  Sharon's very first, spinning effort.  Her teacher had her spin with black and white to more easily see the  effects of the spinning.  Sharon was quick to point out to me  that it is not perfectly, evenly spun.  My comment was that people pay big bucks for that thick and thin look. Great first attempt, Sharon. 

Wilma is nearing the bottom of the first piece of her knit/crochet combo summer top.

The knit portion of the back is finished and she is on to the lower crochet part.  Knit with unknown fibre that Wilma scooped in a yarn grab a few years ago, it has the perfect drape for this summer tank.

Next week, June 13, we do hope for good weather.  We are celebrating World Wide Knit In Public Day -  Meaford style.  Lawn chairs and goodies in front of the library.  We'll be there at 2pm.  If you knit, want to knit, used to knit, know a knitter,  come join us.  You'll know us by our needles.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Wow "Yukon" is amazing! Great idea and fabulous FO!