Monday, June 3, 2013

Progress Report

If a progress report must only show progress, then this post will disappoint.  There is some progess - but not on all  fronts.

Cinnie is nearing completion.
All sections are complete.  Yet to be done are the front bands and sleeve trim.  The pattern would have had me knit the sleeve trim earlier but I decided to leave it until the end when I could have  a proper trying on.  I am thinking that I might want the sleeves a bit longer and the best way to know that for sure is to try on  the sweater once it is done and blocked.

And speaking of blocking, I have decided to do that at this stage and knit the front bands post blocking.  The yarn , Raffaella by Sirdar, has a bit of a boucle-like bump to it and really needs a blocking to get a true picture of the finished garment.  So onto the blocking board for Cinnie.

Tink's Twirly skirt is moving along.
 In this last tier, there are so many stitches that the rounds grow slowly. Needing nine inches to finish this final tier, I have about three shown here. Easy, mindless knitting, but it will still take awhile, with all those stitches.

And Contrasts.  Well, what can I say - it is still where I left it a few days ago.
 Not something that I can pick up and work on in stolen minutes, I need blocks of time to get started on  the machine.  Maybe this week.

With progress, there should be a FO in a few days.  That is my goal for the week.  Get something finished.


Sel and Poivre said...

What a satisfying list of knits to look forward to following along towards the finish!

Needles said...

I really love the way the skirt is looking Its going to be very attractive.