Monday, June 17, 2013

Baby Knitting

With my skirt finished - and worn comfortably  twice I might add - I am doing some baby knitting.  My niece's baby is due at the end of October and I have a few things knit, but many more on my list.  This mitred blanket is one of them.

The blanket is knit on the machine.  Simply knit, it is nonetheless an exercise in short rowing.  There is a bit of easy math involved to determine the number of  stitches to cast on.  One less stitch is knit every two rows until all stitches are short-rowed away.  Then the reverse happens.  Every two rows, there is an increase of one stitch until the cast on number is reached again.  Good practise for me with machine short rows.

Although the pattern shows the entire blanket knit in one colour, I have chosen 4 bright colours that hopefully will keep baby amused.
 I had thought to make each quarter a different colour but Fred suggested dividing the blanket into 8 wedges having the colours repeat themselves twice.  Good idea.  A busier look might keep baby amused just that much longer.

With another rainy day here, I have the motivation to stay indoors and machine knit.  Let's see what I can accomplish in one rainy afternoon.


Vera said...

I have never mastered short row knitting. Can't get my head around it. I love knitting toe-up socks, so I figured out my own version of the heel. Works for me :-)

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh yes do lets see what you can do in an afternoon! You never cease to amaze with your productivity!