Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursdays Are For knit Group

We arrived at knit group in winter, and left in spring.  That was our weather today.  There was a lot of Cabin Fever going around today, it seemed.  Comments like I am 'so over it',  'so done with it',  'so sick/tired/weary' - take your choice - of winter weather.  It is a good thing we have knitttng to keep us sane through the winter that will not stop.

Little Ruth knit white socks for her Grand daughters a while back.    Then got a phone call from their Mom.   I guess so Ruth. What were you thinking.  This next pair, still white on top will have grey heels and feet.  Much easier on the laundry lady.
Ruth couldn't stop to smile for the camera - she says that even after all these years, she still needs to read her pattern when doing the heel. 

Wilma is knitting socks,

as is Sharon, shown here intent on reading her pattern book. 

Sorry for the immodesty, but Sharon is using a great sock pattern book.  Should lend it to Ruth for number/counting -free heel turns.

Sitting at the far side of the table beyond Sharon, you see Nicki and Jean.  They have started a new sub unit to our knitters group - the spinning knitters.   They bring fleece and   children's toys    drop spindles,  and speak a language foreign to me.  New skills.  Great fun.

Ingrid has had her eyes opened to a whole new world.  She was given an i Pod for Christmas.  Her first foray into the world of cyber things.
Here she is looking up yarns on the Tanis Fibre Arts site to show me the colour name of the sock-weight yarn she is using  to knit her daughter a dress.  Yes, that is right.  I said sock weight and dress.  Only Ingrid would.  Or could.

Lots of wool being used today, despite it being officially spring.    But soon, I hope,   the yarn of the day  will be cotton and patterns will be for short-sleeved garments.  In the mean time, stay sane.  Keep knitting.

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Its a great book, and someday I am going to get my copy signed by the author!