Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Catching up on blog reading just now, I see Deb Gemmell - she of my new favourite technique, the underarm bust dart - is in the process of writing another knitwear book.  I was about to call it a pattern book, but  Deb's books are often more 'recipe' than pattern.  Perfect for the way my brain works. 

Anyway this latest endeavour is about accessories and on her blog,  Deb has asked if readers might be interested in knitting up  her mittlet pattern and giving her feed back.  I think I might just do that.  Knit with chunky yarn, it shouldn't be a never-ending project like some I knit, but rather a done-before-dinner type.  My favourite kind.

  Digit Design, I am calling it.  Fun with needles in which I get to give Deb the finger. 
"Er,     um,    I mean"     give Deb 4 fingers, one thumb.  

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